Guiding students and parents through every step of the college planning process.

How do I choose the right college?

The right college is one where you will learn and grow, achieve your highest possible academic and social potential and prepare to successfully meet the challenges of adult life. At the right college, you should also have a great time and make lifelong friends!

There are over 2,600 four-year degree-granting colleges and universities in the United States alone and 2000 more internationally. Your task is to identify the dozen or so that are your best answers to, "What's the right college for me?" Once you target these schools, you need to position yourself to gain admission to your "right college".

Whether you are a top student with great grades and high test scores and also a leader outside of the classroom; or a student with more modest credentials, Right College for Me, LLC can help you identify your goals and do all you can to achieve them. We offer the most complete personal coaching available to help you prepare, plan, and carry out all the steps necessary to maximize your potential for gaining admission to the right colleges for you.



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