Our Approach

Each high school guidance counselor serves an average of 350 students. In addition to college guidance, high school counselors also have to deal with a variety of other student issues. So, while your child's guidance counselor is a valuable resource who should always be consulted, he or she cannot reasonably be expected to provide your child with hours of personalized help and advice. Even in many private schools, students are not guaranteed the attention they need. Many students and parents require a more individual approach and professional expertise to help them navigate the competitive and increasingly complicated college admissions process.

Right College for Me, LLC offers students the most complete personal coaching available to provide the support, attention, and expertise your child needs to properly plan and execute a successful college search. You and your child can enjoy the last few full-time years of life at home together with less stress and anxiety.

At the inception of Right College for Me, LLC, Dr. Jim Yannopoulos successfully completed the most rigorous training available from the preeminent organization in the field, the Independent Educational Consultants Association. He follows a prescribed course of continuous education and goes above and beyond the organization's requirements. Dr. Yannopoulos maintains the most complete and current data about what colleges and universities have to offer your child, and complete, current information on their admissions practices and requirements.

Jim personally visits and evaluates over 30 colleges each year and maintains relationships with admissions officers at all the schools he has visited. He has built relationships with many more through a variety of remote personal communication technologies. In addition, Jim is part of a nationwide network of over 400 college consultants who share the most up-to-date information on colleges and their admissions practices.

As an experienced, empathic psychologist, Jim has a strong interest in understanding the aspirations, strengths, motivations and unique personal qualities of the young people with whom he works. He will apply his expertise, experience, and genuine interest in your child to help your son or daughter find the right direction toward college. Jim will teach you and your child to identify the right colleges, think like admissions officers, and create an outstanding application!



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